Keto Pancakes Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
4oz (115g) Cream Cheese
4 Large Eggs
2 tsp Sweetener (Stevia etc.)
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
4 Tbsp Coconut Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
dash Cinnamon optional
1/2 tsp Maple Extract optional
as needed Almond Milk

Nutritional information

Net Carbs

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Keto Pancakes Recipe

The Worlds Best Keto Pancakes!


    If you have been craving pancakes on your ketogenic diet, look no further. These are fluffy and delicious, with no eggy taste.

    • 30m
    • Serves 8
    • Medium




    The Best Keto Pancakes Recipe in the World

    You haven’t tried proper keto pancakes until you have tried these!

    Once upon a time, keto pancakes didn’t exist, and being on a diet meant you had to give up pretty much all of life’s culinary pleasures. Cakes, cookies, crisps, chocolate. The list is endless – and for some strange reason the food always seems to begin with the letter “c”.

    Time to move on!

    As the ketogenic diet got more popular, people began to experiment with their recipes more and more.  Thankfully nutritionists discovered wonderful substitutes that experimental chefs could use to create something new. And, no, it’s not the cronut! (although that mightn’t be a bad idea!). But instead, keto friendly of comfort food we all deserve to enjoy.

    With the creation of wonderful ingredients such as Liquid Stevia, and alternative flours such as Coconut Flour and Almond Flour becoming more popular, it became easier to create for those on a keto diet to enjoy a nice plate of fluffy keto pancakes on a Sunday morning!

    But I don’t just want to give you keto pancakes. I want to give you pancakes that make you scream “Hallelujah!” when you realize it’s 6:30am on a weekend and you can’t get back to sleep. So, just for you, I’ve experimented and experimented and finally come up with the best keto pancakes recipe in the world.

    keto starter pack

    My Pancakes

    I’m not going to lie to you. It took a lot of time cleaning up my messy kitchen before I finally cracked it. Sometimes the recipe was too eggy, too cream-cheesy, or just plain dry. And that wasn’t good enough. But now by moderating some of the ingredients, I’m proud to say, that these are the healthiest, tastiest keto pancakes I’ve ever tried.

    As well as being super low carb, these are also gluten-free, which is perfect for anyone suffering dietary intolerances. Have I already mentioned that they’re also delicious? They’re very easy to make, and use regular keto ingredients such as cream cheese, eggs, coconut flour, and almond milk. The flavor comes from a little sweetener, vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon.

    Coming in at 70 calories, 3g of fat, 6.1g of protein, 2.2g of carbs and only 1 measly gram of sugar, these pancakes are perfect for ANYONE. Counting calories? Lowering sugar? Upping your protein? No problem. These pancakes are perfect for you.

    Trust me when I say these delicious pancakes are very similar to the real thing. They’re perfect for serving with tasty, crispy bacon and topping them with peanut butter really helps increase the quantity of protein too. My favorite toppings though, have to be sugar-free maple syrup. Sound too good to be true? Google Joseph’s Maple Syrup and you’ll believe me.

    So, if you’re after the healthy, quickest and most delicious around, look no further! These fluffy keto pancakes are a force to be reckoned with.


    P.S. If almond flour isn’t your thing, we make these keto pancakes with Carbquick instead.


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    Step 1

    First off, you will combine the eggs, cream cheese, vanilla, stevia, maple extract and cinnamon in a mixer or blender. You can use granualted or Liquid Stevia.


    Step 2

    Add the baking powder and coconut flour to the mixture, and blend together some more. You should be able to find coconut flour in your local store, but if yo0u can't find it you can easily order it online. If the batter is too thick, you can just add in a dash of almond milk to thin it out a little before you cook.


    Step 3

    Heat up a pan on pour in the mix to your desired pancake size. Don't go too thick though, or they wont cook properly in the middle. Cook each side for 2-3 minutes until they turn a lovely golden brown colour.

    These pancakes are absolutely delicious when smeared with a dollop of peanut butter! Let us know what you think in the comments!

    **Nutritional Values are per pancake**

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    Can I use almond flour if I don’t have coconut


    Best pancakes ever!


    Pretty darn good!


    When i had the keto flu it was terrible. But i was craving so much for pancakes that i ran to the nearest supermarket to get some cream cheese and turned to this recipe. Cravings satisfied and i was happy. I tried other recipe but i wasnt happy and so i went back to this recipw and swear by it as THE recipe for keto pancakes.

    I dont know though how you made it fluffy for long because as soon as it is off from the pan it shrinks. Any tips?


    I have tried many keto pancake recipes. Most were too eggy, dry or just unpleasant. These are amazing! You will not believe these are Keto. They are so fluffy and tender. Yummy!!!!


    These were awesome! I've made pancakes before with coconut flour and they were pretty good but did not call for the cream cheese in the recipe. I think the cream cheese makes these much better and they were delicious and did not have a dry texture.

    Donna Tarrant

    How many pancakes are in a serving? I see it serves 8 but is is 2 or 3 per serving?




    It's really good! I love them measurements are very important.


    I can't see actual ingredients and measurements now.


    These look amazing, I know what I'm doing tonight!

    Keto Southern Fried Chicken
    Keto Southern Fried Chicken Tenders
    Keto Southern Fried Chicken
    Keto Southern Fried Chicken Tenders

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    Hiyo, this looks great!
    1 curiousity, when checking ingredients I came out with 125 cal per pancake.
    Which specific ingredients were you using?
    Macro: 8g Fat, 5g Protein, 8G carb – 5g fiber ~3g c

    My guess is it’s either the brand of coconut flour or possibly the eggs.

    Regardless Looking forward to trying this!

    With some modifications, swapping to egg whites (which may not have the same effect)
    I was able to get the calculation closer:
    88 cal, ~5gFat, 4gCarb 2g sugar 1g Fiber, 6g Protein
    This seems well within error range of most ingredient labels.

    Did you mean to have egg whites instead of large eggs/Did you swap the nutrition bases?

    I just checked the ingredients I used, and I hadn’t calculated the carbs in the eggs, although this is still quite small.

    Here are the total nutritional values for the ingredients that I used:

    Cream Cheese: 9.6g carbs 0g Fiber
    Coconut Flour: 16g carbs 10g Fiber
    Vanilla extract: 0.5g carbs 0g Fiber
    Eggs: 1.4g carbs 0g Fiber

    Totals: 27.5g carbs 10g Fiber = 17.5g net carbs

    17.5/8 = 2.2g per pancake.

    I have updated the values here, and thanks for bringing this to my attention. In all recipes though, here and elsewhere, it’s always best to do your own calculations as values can vary by brand of ingredient. Is there much difference from the coconut flour I used and the one that you are using?

    I had tried several low carb pancake recipes without success when I stumbled upon this recipe. It is fabulous! I follow low carb for weight loss, and this is my go-to when I want a break from my morning eggs. I halve the recipe and count 10 net carbs with 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup. The cream cheese makes all the difference, I think. It’s half my carb count for the day, but totally worth it!

    Hi, we tried these pancakes the other day and they came out great. We made them quite small and they didn’t seem quite as fluffy as yours but they were still great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I had the same experience the first try. I tried skipping the milk and realized the lumpy texture actually makes it thick and fluffy.

    No, I don’t think this batter holds well in the fridge. You are better off using the whole batch, and then reheating the pancakes as needed.

    These are awesome! I’ve been getting sick of eggs and avocados for breakfast on my keto diet and was looking for a sweeter option. These were just what I needed, I left out the cinnamon and maple (on accident lol) and the coconut flavor of the flour really came through and was great!

    When i had keto flu i was craving for pancakes. Even with the condition i went to the nerby supermarket to get some cream cheese. I used this recipe and I was so happy.

    Now i tried other recipes. I was disappointed so i went back to this and swore it to be THE recipe for keto pancakes. I have stuck to keto because I am not deprived thanks to recipes such as this.

    P.s. i skipped adding milk. I realized the lumpy consistency actually makes it thick and fluffy.

    When i had keto flu i was craving for pancakes. Even with the condition i went to the nerby supermarket to get some cream cheese. I used this recipe and I was so happy.

    Now i tried other recipes. I was disappointed so i went back to this and swore it to be THE recipe for keto pancakes. I am able to stick to keto because I am am deprived, and enjoy food i love without cheating, thanks to recipes such as this.

    P.s. i skipped adding milk. I realized the lumpy consistency actually makes it thick and fluffy.

    Yes! These are fluffy and delicious pancakes even without the maple flavoring. I love being able to adjust the recipe to make only what we need. Thanks!

    I omitted sugar substitute and used the oil from a jar of sundried tomato in the batter along with a pinch of salt, real grated parmesan and basil. Made a savory waffle and topped with keto fried chicken and a creamy sauce / gravy. It was divine.

    Please I’m going to the store today and need to know if I can substitute the almond flour I just bought for the coconut flour. Thanks need answer ASAP please.

    I just made it. Overall it was passable except I didn’t like the stevia taste. What sugar alternative can I swap it out with? And how much is the conversion.

    I just tried this recipe. It came out nice and fluffy, just like the picture. They actually tasted better than I expected. Will definitely make theses again.

    I just tried this recipe this morning because I was tired of eggs and bacon. I didn’t have maple extract so I just omitted it. It was delicious!!! I think I like these pancakes even better than regular pancakes. This will definitely be my go to pancake recipe.

    I just tried this recipe this morning because I wanted something a bit sweet. I used a combination (equal amounts) of coconut flour and almond flour. I also added a TBSP of coconut flakes into the mix. When cooking on the pan, I plopped 4-5 fresh blueberries on top because I do not like syrup. The added coconut and blueberries made these pancakes delicious!! Will definitely make these again.

    Let’s talk about the amazing smell while cooking! Smelled likeheaven in a bakery! After a few recipes, thought I’d try this one since it has 5 stars. Did not disappoint. Did not have maple flavor and don’t like stevia, happy to say they weren’t missed in the least. I did not add any sweetener to the batter. I also needed no extra liquid, the batter was so much like real pancake batter consistency. Topped with lots of butter (Keto healthy fats!) and a tiny bit of apple butter, which is pretty low carb in small amounts. next time I will top with macerated blueberries ♡

    Is there any kind of guide for the sizing of the pancakes so I get get my numbers accurate and consistent?

    Could someone tell me the temperature you used? I am not a cook, tried this tonight and did ok, but no way they can be 2 minutes per side. Had a little trouble flipping them. I had some 1 carb blackberry syrup, just used a tad. On another one I put a little peanut butter. Was a good break without taking a break.

    OMG! Because I have tried other recipes for pancakes, (I was not happy with), I was very hesitant to try your recipe. I am so glad I did! These are yet by far the very best ever! Being on a very low carb diet, I could not bring myself to giving up my pancakes. This recipe makes me feel as though I’m eating the real thing. Thank you so much for sharing! Also I would like to add, today I made the pancakes, however mid-way through, I found I was out of vanilla extract. So what’s one to do? I had some lemon extract and real lemon, so I decided to make lemon poppyseed pancakes out of lemons! Lol, they are fabulous!

    I used almond flour, the mix was very thin so need to add extra liquid.
    Mine stuck to the pan, I had to scrape it , cane out like scrambled pancakes? any help would be much appreciated! Thank you ☺️

    I’m no cook..let me get that out first. This recipe is so good even I had it right. I never counted the carbs but the taste and texture was so right. I used no sugar 0g /carbs 0g maple syrup, (NuNaturals). It was too sweet when I used it as normal, (Drowning in Syrup). So the second batch I used it very thin and WOW! I also buttered my pancakes after I turned them with Earth Balance butter, which is no carb and no cholesterol. I was so pleasantly surprised and thank you for sharing this recipe, it’s as good and better than you said. It’s a breakfast changer for anyone. Again thank you!!

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