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Feta Cheese and Olive Keto Turkey Burgers

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Adjust Servings:
1lbs (454) Turkey Mince
10oz (280g) Black Olives finely chopped
10oz (280g) Feta Cheese crumbled
1 Egg beaten
1 tsp. Garlic Powder

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Feta Cheese and Olive Keto Turkey Burgers

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    The Best Feta Cheese and Olive Keto Turkey Burgers Recipe

    One of My Favorites

     This introduction for these keto turkey burgers recipe might be a little bit over the top. Ok, it’s going to be way over the top, because I LOVE these little patties. I can’t even remember when I first discovered these, but I bet that I’ve eaten them every week since. Ok, maybe more than once a week …

    They are so delicious, even if you’re eating them cold. To be honest, I bring them to work in my lunchbox a few days a week and just eat them just as they are at my desk. This is one reason why I actually got the inspiration to share this recipe with you guys. Since there are so many different jobs where there’s not a kitchen to eat in at lunchtime, not everyone has access to heat up food. This then makes it hard to come up with lunch ideas that you won’t get bored with day in, day out. But if you have a go at making these keto turkey burgers, you know you will be eating something that’s completely healthy and will keep you going until home time. Unlike a soggy wet sandwich.

    So, let’s delve into the recipe, shall we …

    Recipe Information

     For this recipe, you only need to buy turkey mince, black olives, feta cheese and eggs. Simple, right? You are then free to add any flavorings that you like! My favorite is usually just a pinch of salt and pepper and some garlic powder to make them even more delicious. To be honest, these burgers are so versatile, if you want to, you can completely change the flavor just by substituting a couple of ingredients. Don’t like feta cheese? No problem, use cheddar! Not into olives? Throw some thinly sliced veggies in there instead! Just to let you know though, try not to pick veggies that have a high water content. This will make the burgers soggy and won’t ever stick together, no matter hard you try.

    Making them is just as simple. It’s exactly the same method as making a beef burger and even though this recipe takes about 25 minutes from start to finish, most of the time is spent waiting for them to cook in the pan. If you like to get prepared for the week ahead, you can even prep these on a Sunday and store them in the fridge ready for the rest of the week.

    Nutritional Information

    These little patties are perfect for anyone whose sugar-free or watching their weight. They contain absolutely no sugar whatsoever and come in at only 371 calories. The reason the calories are so low is that burgers usually contain beef, rather than turkey, which has a much higher fat content. They also contain 23.5 grams of fat and have a massive 35.5 grams of protein. Now that’s perfect for anyone on the keto diet!

    So, don’t get stuck in a lunch rut again. Try these delicious burgers today – there’s no need to thank us!

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    Step 1

    Chop up your olives and make sure that they are cut into pretty small pieces, as if they are too big they could make the patties fall apart.


    Step 2

    Combine all your ingredients in a large mixing bowls. Roll up your sleeves and get your hand in there! Make sure to give it a good mix to make sure all the ingredients are combined.


    Step 3

    Divide your mixture into 8 pieces, and roll them between your hands into balls. You can then flatten them into your patties.



    Put a little oil in your pan and add the patties. You might have to do this in two batches, depending on the size of your pan. Some of the feta will melt off so you will be left with a lot of liquid in the pan, which I usually pour off half way through. You want to fry the patties for about 7 minutes on each side until lightly brown.

    And thats it! You can store these in the fridge and take them to work for the week. They are also delicious served hot wrapped in some lettuce with a dollop of mayo.

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    I make these all the time, with some chilli flakes added in

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